Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fragility of love

I took this picture for Digital Photography School's Weekly Assignment. It's a small competition where people post their pictures related to that week's topic in the forum and at the end of the week they announce the best three pictures. This week's topic was fragility. I wanted to emphasise the fragility of love and relationship.

It's also a chance for me to further enhance my photography skills by participating in those assignments.

About the shot:

- Camera: Canon EOS 400D
- Exposure: 0.4 sec (2/5)
- Aperture: f/8
- Focal length: 18mm
- ISO: 100
- Flash: Not fired
- Tripod
- Post-processing software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
- Date taken: 20.11.2007

I used natural light in this photo. It was a cloudy day and diffused light was perfect for the shot. I also used my DIY reflector screen to emphasise the shadows which resulted in more emotional look. I put the candy heart on a red piece of fabric which gave me a greater contrast between the subject and background. Then I post-processed the picture in Photoshop. I usually take pictures in RAW format because it allows me to process the image without any loss of quality. I enhanced the contrast, colors and general composition of the image by cropping it. In the end I added the vignette to make it look even more emotional.

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