Thursday, November 22, 2007

Heart & Poetry

This piece is a light study done for my personal purposes. I've been exploring natural light lately. So this here is a natural diffused light shining through my window. The object was to get a heart shaped shadow. And the book I used is a collection of poetry by famous Slovenian poet France Prešeren. The poem on this picture is about one man's broken heart and I think that lot's of people can relate to that. Unfortunately it cannot be translated in English as it would loose its meaning.

About the shot:

- Camera: Canon EOS 400D
- Exposure: 0.5 sec (1/2)
- Aperture: f/8
- Focal length: 42mm
- ISO: 100
- Flash: Not fired
- Tripod
- Post-processing software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
- Date taken: 22.11.2007

I put the ring and the book right next to my room window. When I felt confident with the scene setup and composition I would set up white balance on my camera to aprox. 7000K. And I deliberately used aperture of f/8 because I wanted a larger part of the image to be sharp and that enabled me to have more freedom in post-processing. So once the shot was taken in RAW I post-processed it in Photoshop. I optimised the contrast, colors, shadows and sharpness of the image. Then I applied lens blur and a vignette. Almost no cropping was done except for few pixels on the right side of the picture.


Grega Valančič said...

Stari huda slika, pa ne sam zarad efektov pa svetlobe ampak mi je všeč to, da prstan nardi še srček na knjigo, the best

Kristijan Žontar said...

English please ;) This blog is international ;)

But anyway, thanks for the compliments ;) I like the shadow heart effect too :)

Anonymous said...

ne moreš od ljudi zahtevat da pišejo angleš je sory...neumno...lahko pa ti odgovarjaš v angleščini če želiš...
jst bom pisala v slovenšč slučajno ne boš znal prebrat?

Anonymous said...

pa brez zamere...komentar ni slabo nameren....samo pač ne zdi se mi prav..
drugače pa slikca je men ful pa sj to že veš..k mi je vse kar ti nardiš itak ful lepo

Anonymous said...

naucil veliko