Friday, November 23, 2007

Playing Guitar

I took this picture about two weeks ago. I was playing guitar and thought of taking a picture.

About the shot:

- Camera: Canon EOS 400D
- Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
- Aperture: f/4.5
- Focal length: 34mm
- ISO: 400
- Flash: Not fired
- Tripod
- Post-processing software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
- Date taken: 08.11.2007

For this shot I put my camera on the strings on the guitar body with lens facing the neck. It took me a few tries as it was impossible to see the composition through the viewfinder because even I am not that flexible. I mean, I was able to look through the viewfinder but if you look through it at an angle there's a big chance that camera will not be aligned properly. It was basicaly a trial and error kind of shooting. But I managed to take a good shot. I also pointed guitar towards the floor because of the background. I didn't do a lot of post-processing on this picture. Slight crop and black & white conversion with contrast adjustments.


Anonymous said...

i like;)

Kristijan Žontar said...

I like that you like ;)

Sushwanth Prakash said...

hi kristijan, this is sushwanth from india..I work for a film production company in india,we liked the photograph that you clicked, the neck of the guitar,we would like to use this photograph in our forthcoming film. Please help me with a contact number or an email address so we can formally send you a request.